Warped Tour 2014 San Diego

So i was planing to get my ticket one day before, i arrived at the venue but it was closed, i went to Walmart since they sell ticketmaster but Oh no! they were out of tix.

Next day i arrived early and one fine gentleman offered to give me a tix if i could hang posters, he was working on the Bad Rabbits band tent, i like that band i discovered them on youtube, they have an awesome 1979 Smashing Pumpkins cover , i agreed and got in for free to  Warped Tour at Chula Vista Ca.

Once inside i got in the pit (since i had a MERCH bracelet) without asking any guards, i had my camera in my hands and just roll in to the pit smoothly. I got to take pictures of various bands like Bad Rabbits, The Maine, Bayside, Anberlin, Echosmith, The Summer Set, and few more. So here is the Link to the Flickr. Take a look.


Check the 1979 cover  http://youtu.be/cE4bGwVJBZ8